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How Big of a Refugium Do I Need?

When adding a new refugium to your aquarium setup, one of the first questions that’s probably going to pop into your head is...


Why Is My Flowerhorn Turning Black?

The flowerhorn cichlid is a marvelous freshwater aquarium fish. They usually have quite the eye-catching colors, but on occasion...


How to Clean Texas Holey Rock

Texas holey rock (or honeycomb limestone) is a great aquarium addition for many hard water species of fish, especially African...


What’s the Best Food for Angelfish?

Feeding your angelfish anything short of the best diet is just asking for trouble. In an effort to take the guessing out of things...


What's the Best HOB Filter?

There are many different HOB (hang on back) filters on the market. And as long as you choose one that is rated high enough for...


Do Betta Fish Like Light?

The main purpose of the aquarium light is for you to better-see your aquarium in all its glory. But yes, I would say Betta fish...


Best Self Cleaning Fish Tanks of 2017

Many people consider fishkeeping to be a very enjoyable hobby simply because of the therapeutic value that it provides. I agree...


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10 Most Common Types of Plecos

In our world, a world populated with over 680 different types of plecos, it a little difficult to keep track of your favorites...


5 Most Non-Aggressive Cichlids

On one hand, cichlids are famous for having some of the most exotic colors among freshwater fish. But on the other hand, they...


The Anchor Worm Treatment Guide

Anchor worms are a nasty parasite from the Lernaea species that embed their anchor-shaped heads into the scales and flesh of your...


The Angelfish Diseases Guide

When the body of an Angelfish becomes infected by a virus, bacterium, parasite, or fungi, a disease can form. Unfortunately, if...


Our 25 Favorite Types of Tetra Fish

Tetras originate from river basins in Africa, Central America, and South America, and get their name from the Greek word “tetra,”...


How to Feed a Betta the Best Betta Food

If you house a Betta fish, feeding your little friend a proper diet should be a priority for you. You see, many things can happen...


Fish Tank Calculator for Volume

Calculating the volume of your fish tank is simple. Below, you will find a carousel with several different shapes of fish tanks...


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