5 Most Non-Aggressive Cichlids

German Blue Ram Cichlids
German Blue Ram Cichlid © 2006 Leonardo Dasilva

On one hand, cichlids are famous for having some of the most exotic colors among freshwater fish. But on the other hand, they are known for being rather aggressive. So what if you want the benefits of their vibrant colors, but don’t want to deal with, or witness, the aggression?

Well, to make things easy for you, we’ve created a carousel below which reveals what we consider to be the five most non-aggressive cichlids. Just simply scroll sideways to see them all and select a species to reveal some information about it. To take things one step further, below that carousel, we’ll go on to explain some techniques you can use to minimize the aggression among your aggressive & non-aggressive cichlids.

The Five Most Non-Aggressive Cichlids Are:

Photo: Lucky8

Bolivian Rams

Photo: Doronenko


Blue Acaras

Photo: Theatrus

Yellow Labs

German Blue Rams


How to Minimize Aggression in your Aquarium

Although there are non-aggressive cichlids and there are aggressive cichlids, it is likely that all cichlids will show some form of aggression at one point or another. Therefore, you should know how to minimize the aggression inside your aquarium.

In most cases, you can greatly reduce the aggression among cichlid by decorating their aquarium with plenty of hiding spots. Having these in your aquarium allows your fish to seek shelter and relax, instead of feeling exposed and harassed all the time. Usually, you should decorate your aquarium with lots of caves, driftwood, and plants. But for the best results, research the exact species of fish you’re dealing with so you can find out what their natural habitat is like, then decorate their aquarium to mimic that habitat.

Another effective way you can minimize the aggression in your aquarium is to limit your aquarium to 1 fish per species. Typically, cichlids are most aggressive towards members of the same species because they see them as competition, so diversifying your aquarium eliminates this issue. However, if you want to keep more than 1 fish per species, usually it is the males that display aggression towards the females, so try keeping a male to female ratio of at least 1:3.

In closing, I would just like to point out that although some cichlids are known for being more peaceful than others, it is different for every individual fish. The techniques listed above are just suggestions based on personal experiences and research – designed to help you find the best non-aggressive cichlids for your aquarium. I hope this helped you.