How To Set Up A Fish Tank

how to set up a fish tank

how to set up a fish tankThis resource explains:

How to Set Up A Fish Tank

Phase 1: Assemble The Appropriate Aquarium Setting

Your fish will only survive in an aquarium if they’re kept in an aquarium that features appropriate aquarium settings for them.

Aquarium settings including:

  • Tank requirements (tank size, population density, canopy, and lighting)
  • Decor & substrate
  • Water parameters
  • Feeding regimens
  • Tank mates

The trick is, different species of fish require different aquarium settings. So, to prepare an appropriate aquarium setting for your fish, research what settings your species of fish requires. You can do so by reading our Resources, or by checking Animal World.

After you determine the appropriate aquarium setting, put all the parts of your aquarium together (stand, tank, canopy, decor, substrate, filter), fill it with water, then add the appropriate amount of Nutrafin Aqua Plus to it (refer to the product label) to remove the chlorine that’s in tap water.

Phase 2: Cycle Your Aquarium

Cycling is the process in which an aquarium develops the populations of bacteria that breaks down Ammonia and Nitrites. If your aquarium doesn’t have these colonies of bacteria, your aquarium’s water parameters will have high concentrations of Ammonia and Nitrite – which is unhealthy for your fish. As a result, you need to ensure your aquarium is cycled. There are two ways you can do this:

Phase 3: Introduce Your Fish To Their Aquarium

If you adopt your fish from a contaminated source, your aquarium may become infected. As a result, you need to ensure you only adopt ones that are kept in a healthy environment.

They can be adopted from:

After you’ve adopted your fish, you can’t just transfer them to their new aquarium because fish are sensitive to drastic changes in water parameters. So if the water parameters in the bag are too different than the aquarium you’re introducing them to, they may be harmed. To avoid any issues, you should acclimate them to their aquarium.


Post-Set Up Duties

  • Twice per day – Feed your fish as much food as they can consume in 2 minutes. Be sure to research which foods are considered healthiest for your specific species of fish. You can do so by reading our Resources, or by checking Animal World.


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