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How To Perform The Best Ich Treatment

There are several methods for getting rid of Ich, but honestly, the best Ich treatment is a combination of these methods. Truth be told, Ich is not going to go away overnight – the process requires several days, maybe even weeks, of work before your aquarium is cured of the parasite. Fortunately though, if you have detected Ich early enough and treat it properly, then you greatly minimize the risk of your fish dying.

Required Items:


Step 1) Clean your aquarium.

The presence of Ich can be an indication of poor water-quality. The first thing you should do is clean your aquarium.

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Step 2) Perform heat treatment.

Increase the temperature of your aquarium to 82-86°F (28-30°C). High temperatures help speed up the life cycle of Ich, allowing for the other treatments to take effect faster. Some cold water species of fish will not be tolerant to a spike in temperature, so you should research whether or not your species will be able to handle it.

Step 3) Perform salt treatment.

Ich Parasites are less tolerant to salt in comparison to most fish, so an effective way to combat Ich is by increasing the gravity of your aquarium to 1.002 g/cm3. To do this, add 1 tbsp of Aquarium Salt for every 5 gallons of water in your aquarium. Use this calculator to determine how much salt this equates to for you:

Step 4) Perform chemical treatment.

Heat and salt treatments are a good start, but in order to get rid of Ich as quickly as possible, you need to medicate your aquarium with a chemical treatment. Many people warn against the use of chemicals, but they are tested and proven to be safe for your fish, and they are the best chance your fish has at survival.

There are several proprietary chemicals available that help combat Ich. The products that we recommend you use are:

  • Kordon Rid Ich Plus
  • API Liquid Super Ick Cure
  • Ich X
  • Tetra Ich Guard

Whichever chemical you use, you should carefully follow the instructions on the bottle.


How To Reduce the Risk of an Ich Outbreak

To lower the risk of Ich:

Only purchase healthy fish – This is perhaps the most common way for Ich to be introduced into your aquarium. When an infected fish is introduced into your aquarium, just like that, your entire aquarium becomes infected. To avoid any issues, always make sure you examine fish before you adopt them, and only adopt ones from reputable sources.

Monitor water parameters – Every species require a specific pH and temperature. If their aquarium water doesn’t fall within the specific range, your fish will become stressed, which can greatly increase the risk of an Ich outbreak. To avoid any issues, you should know what parameters are best for your species, then maintain and regulate those parameters.

Regularly clean your aquarium – Regularly cleaning your aquarium equips your fish with the strongest possible immune system, thus enabling them to combat Ich parasites before they take over your aquarium. As a result, you should clean your aquarium once every week.

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Don’t overstock you aquarium – Overstocking can lead to stress, which can result in an outbreak of Ich. Each species will vary, but a general rule of thumb to follow is 1 inch of fish per gallon of water.


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