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The Cobalt Zebra Cichlid Resource

Cobalt Zebra Cichlid

The fish that make up the Maylandia callainos species are known as Cobalt Zebra Cichlids. That’s their official common name. However, people also refer to them as Cobalt Zebras, Blue Cobalt Cichlids, Cobalt Blue Zebras, and Blue Zebra Cichlids. Adult size: 2.5-3 inches Minimum tank size: 30 gallon pH: 7.6-8.8 Temperature: 75-82°F (24-28°C) Hardscape: Rocks Substrate: Sand Diet: Omnivorous   […]

The Auratus Cichlid Resource

Auratus Cichlid

“Auratus Cichlid” is the common name for the Labidochromis Caeruleus species. Adult size: 3-4 inches Minimum tank size: 50 gallon pH: 7.7-8.6 Temperature: 73-82°F (23-28°C) Decor: Rocks, Driftwood, and Plants Substrate: Sand Lighting: 8-10 hrs/day Diet: Herbivore How To Keep Them How To Breed Them Other Information   How to Keep Auratus Cichlids Adoption If […]

The Dropsy Treatment Guide

Dropsy Treatment

This guide explains what you need to perform Dropsy treatment, how to perform it, and the reasoning for all the steps. Before you read that stuff though, you should understand:   How to Perform Dropsy Treatment Required Items: A hosptial aquarium Unscented, non-antibacterial soap Rubber gloves A container Epsom Salt Dr. G’s Anti-parasitic fish food Mardel Maracyn-Two […]