The Anchor Worm Treatment Guide

Anchor Worm TreatmentAlthough there is no guaranteed cure for it, this guide explains what you need to perform Anchor Worm treatment, how to perform it, and the reasoning behind all of the steps.

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How to Perform Anchor Worm Treatment

Required Items:


Step 1) Perform a water change.

How do I perform a water change? (Opens new tab)

Step 2) Mix these ingredients in a small container, until the Aquarium Salt dissolves:

  • 0.005 gram of 98+% Potassium Permanganate for every gallon of water your aquarium holds. To determine how much Potassium Permanganate this equates to, use this calculator:
  • 1 tsp of Aquarium Salt for every gallon of water your aquarium holds. To determine how much Aquarium Salt this equates to, use this calculator:
  • Enough aquarium water to dissolve the Aquarium Salt

Then, pour the mixture into your aquarium.

Step 3) Fill a bucket 25%-full with aquarium water. Then, transfer all your fish that have Anchor Worms embedded in their bodies into the bucket.

Put on rubber gloves, then slowly dip your hand into the bucket. When you hand has been in the bucket for a few seconds, gently form a loose grip around one of your fish. Hold the fish out of the water so you can see the Anchor Worm in their body.

At this point, hold the fish’s body firmly, as close as you can to the location where the Anchor Worm embeds into their body. Then, using Tweezers, fiercely remove the Anchor Worm from their body.

Once one of them is removed, place the Anchor Worm into a separate container, then dab the open wound of your fish with a cotton swab that is covered with Hydrogen Peroxide.

If there are still Anchor Worms embedded in their body after doing this, submerge your fish in bucket for 10 seconds, then:

  • Remove another Anchor Worm
  • Place the Anchor Worm in a separate container
  • Dab the open wound with a cotton swab that is covered with Hydrogen Peroxide

Repeat this process until all the Anchor Worms are removed from all of your fish in the bucket. Then, transfer your fish back to their aquarium.

Step 4) In an empty spray bottle, create a 10% bleach solution (use water as a filler). Then coat the inside of the bucket that was holding your fish to kill any surviving Anchor Worms.

Wait for 15 minutes. Then, rise the bucket and set it aside to air-dry for 2 days before proceeding to Step 5.

Step 5) Repeat Steps 2, 3, & 4, until you’ve done them a total of 5 times. But on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th times, don’t add any more Aquarium Salt to your aquarium.

If you done Steps 2, 3, & 4 a total of 5 times and your fish are still affected by Anchor Worms, consult with a veterinarian for further treatment options.


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